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Evaporation , precipitation , movement of the atmosphere, and the downhill flow of river water, glaciers, and groundwater keep water in motion between the reservoirs and maintain the hydrologic cycle. The large range of volumes in these reservoirs and the rates at which water cycles between them combine to create important conditions on Earth.

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If small changes occur in the rate at which water is cycled into or out of a reservoir, the volume of a reservoir changes. These volume changes may be relatively large and rapid in a small reservoir or small and slow in a large reservoir. A small percentage change in the volume of the oceans may produce a large proportional change in the land-ice reservoir, thereby promoting glacial and interglacial stages.

The rate at which water enters or leaves a reservoir divided into the reservoir volume determines the residence time of water in the reservoir. The residence time of water in a reservoir, in turn, governs many of the properties of that reservoir. For a full description of the water in the oceans, see seawater.

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For information on the forces that move water through the ocean, see ocean current. For a description of the different kinds of waves that traverse the ocean, see wave. See also marine ecosystem for coverage of the life-forms that populate the marine environment. Arbitrary boundaries separate these bodies of water. The boundaries of each ocean are largely defined by the continents that frame them.

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In the Southern Hemisphere the southern portions of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans and their tributary seas that surround Antarctica are often referred to as the Southern Ocean. Many subdivisions can be made to distinguish the limits of seas and gulfs that have historical, political, and sometimes ecological significance. However, water properties, ocean currents , and biological populations are not constrained by these boundaries. Indeed, many researchers do not recognize them either.

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If area-volume analyses of the oceans are to be made, then boundaries must be established to separate individual regions. In Erwin Kossina, a German geographer, published tables giving the distribution of oceanic water with depth for the oceans and adjacent seas. This work was updated in by American geologist H.

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Menard and American oceanographer S. The latter only slightly changed the numbers derived by Kossina. This was remarkable, since the original effort relied entirely on the sparse depth measurements accumulated by individual wire soundings, while the more recent work had the benefit of acoustic depth soundings collected since the s. This type of analysis, called hypsometry , allows quantification of the surface area distribution of the oceans and their marginal seas with depth. The Southern Hemisphere may be called the water hemisphere, while the Northern Hemisphere is the land hemisphere.

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This is especially true in the temperate latitudes. This asymmetry of land and water distribution between the Northern and Southern hemispheres makes the two hemispheres behave very differently in response to the annual variation in solar radiation received by Earth. The Southern Hemisphere shows only a small change in surface temperature from summer to winter at temperate latitudes.

The Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge will focus on three strategic ways to address this growing crisis: designing alternatives to single-use plastic, identifying opportunities for industries to address plastic waste throughout supply chains, and effectively communicating the need for action through data visualization. Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge Tracks The challenge is a one-year competition composed of three complementary tracks that will run simultaneously—Design, Circular Economy, and Data Visualization.

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Design Track The Design Track challenges teams to identify pragmatic, investable solutions to improve food and beverage packaging and containers. Learn More About this Track.

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Lily Hay Newman. May The Ocean Cleanup announced an upgraded design. These specimens of calcifying plankton date back 95 million years. The team has now demonstrated that the device can retain various types of plastic, thanks to a new parachute system that debuted in June. Indeed, many researchers do not recognize them either. Researchers looked at what happened to the ocean when Category 3 Hurricane Nicole blew past Bermuda in Read Later.

Circular Economy Track The Circular Economy Track challenges teams to develop scalable business models and technology solutions, applicable across industries, to reduce plastic packaging waste and encourage the reuse and repurposing of plastic alternatives instead of discarding them after one use. Learn More About This Track. Data Visualization Track The Data Visualization Track challenges teams to represent a relevant, credible data set related to the global challenge of plastic waste as a data visualization. Planet or Plastic? Key Dates. February 11, Registration opens.

Initial Submission Deadline by p.

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Eastern Time. Finalists Selected. Winners Announced. Selecting the Finalists Submissions closed at p.