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here Boston's novel really does conjure up all the magic of childhood for a new generation in this smart reissue of the Carnegie winner. Essential for reading out loud as a family, TS Eliot's felines are a wonderfully mysterious capricious and amusing group of must-have moggies. Cult American artist Edward Gorey adds more mischief with his illustrations. Just when you're feeling down, the homework is piling up and life seems a grind and not fun, you need a dose of Pippi Longstocking, the irrepressible little girl who doesn't live by the rules and creates a wonderful fantasy world for herself and her friends.

This is a marvellous, stimulating book that is brilliant for children who've had the individuality bashed out of them by school. Of course it is stiff and old-fashioned, but there is also a kind of enchantment about it that survives changes in life and attitudes.

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A child's school day told in verse through from going to school to bedtime. That doesn't make it sound all that interesting, but Ahlberg's easy-to-read poems are funny, sad and absolutely accurate when it comes to emotion. From the title poem about a teacher at the end of her tether, through the pinickety parent complaining about her son's lost possessions to the quietly devastating Small Quarrel, this is a brilliant collection that not only makes children love poetry but gets them writing their own.

Carnegie award-winning novel about Barney who one "ordinary Wednesday" finds that "the world tilted and ran downhill in all directions. And why do his sisters' attempts to unravel the mystery lead to a crisis that almost topples the entire family? Mahy's attractively simple storytelling style will attract even the most reluctant readers and creates a convincing portrait of a family tipped out of kilter by the keeping of secrets.

Victor was the oddest boy Andrew had ever met. How could he be so dim in school, and yet know so much about aeroplanes?

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But then, as Andrew starts to slowly appreciate, appearances can be very deceptive indeed and we all have our own strategies for survival. Smartly written, very enjoyable story about friendship and the differences between us all. Particularly good for boys. Gwyn's granny gives him five strange birthday gifts including a twisted metal brooch. Gywn gives the brooch to the wind and in return is sent the snow spider who weaves a silken web. Inside the web sits a girl who Gwyn knows but cannot place.

Nimmo's book deftly mixes magic and mourning, the ordinary and the other-worldly in this story of a lost sister, a battle of good against evil and the value of knowing the place where you belong. Elboz is one of the best writers around at the moment, crafting his stories with amazing depth and using words with wit and brilliance. This Smarties Award winner tells of four children who suddenly find their safe life disappearing as the mysterious house where they are living is taken over and wolves howl outside.

Only when they meet one of the "Rats" do they find a way to escape. It is , life on the Scilly Isles is bleak and difficult and it seems likely that Laura and her father will be forced to retreat to the mainland. Even the cow stops milking. Morpurgo's book is written with his customary quiet authority as it charts the battle between man and nature and the cruelties and beauties of the sea and its creatures.

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SPOOKY MOON STORIES (Stories for Children and Young Adults Book 1) - Kindle edition by RAYMOND THOR, MIZTEE. Download it once and read it on your. Sometimes a good scare is just the thing. These horror stories are deliciously spooky without being too terrifying -- perfect for a fall night by the fire! But it doesn' t.

The longing, the sadness, the sense of otherness and the exhilaration of childhood are brought vividly to life in this story of Ben, a boy who so much wants a dog he conjures one up out of his imagination. Russell Hoban's book is a brilliant modern fairytale about a father and son toy mouse who dance under a Christmas tree until they break the ancient clockwork rules and are themselves broken.

Discarded, they are rescued from a dustbin and repaired by a tramp before setting out on a dangerous quest to find a home of their own. A crackling read, full of Hoban's sly humour and his belief in the importance of having a place of your own and being happy. Walking across the park one morning, Rosie encounters a frail old man who asks her to post a package for him. Little does our heroine know that it contains the Djinn star whose evil magic threatens to take her over.

Only the Finders can help her. Hinton's book, a pacy, well-plotted novel is a really good introduction to more adult reading for nine year olds and above. Wilson's best book to date is a no-holds bar account of the mental breakdown of Marigold, mother to Star and Dolphin and covered from head to toe in tattoos. For years the girls have persuaded themselves that life with mum is a gas except when she goes weird but now they are growing up and looking at the world and mum with new eyes.

This is a wonderful, perceptive and disturbing book about mental illness, irresponsible parenthood and the falling out of love of children with their parents.

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Wilson holds true to the very end, offering no happy-ever-afters but plenty of possibilities instead. Shakespeare's London is brought vividly to life in cleverly written novel that sees young actor Nat Field slipping back years in time to find himself playing Puck at the Globe Theatre in Playing opposite him is the King of the Shadows himself, William Shakespeare. Worth a hundred history lessons, Cooper's novel combines thriller-like suspense with a story of theatrical and personal transformations.

Think the Arabian Nights. Think Alice in Wonderland. Think Star Wars. You can think a lot about Rushdie's story about a boy's quest to restore the gift of storytelling to his father, but you'll probably be too busy enjoying it. This is a dense, fantastical book, in which the comic rubs shoulders with evil and the savage with the lyrical. The first book in Le Guin's deep, dense and utterly brilliant Earthsea series, a fantasy sequence that is to Terry Prachett what double cream is to skim milk.

Le Guin writes with a calm authority, almost a stillness, as she charts the story of the young wizard Sparrowhawk who misuses magic and unleashes an evil shadow-beast who threatens his land. Only Sparrowhawk can destroy it, but the journey is long and difficult and takes him to the farthest corner of Earthsea. Eliot is finding it hard to come to terms with his mother's death.

But then he finds a ghost in his bedroom who has her own grief to deal with.

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Nimmo's beautifully written and understated novel is about the way the past makes its imprint upon the present and the subtle interconnections of both history and family relationships. Francois Place is an artist, an author, a dreamer and the inventor of strange, fantastical countries and legends that he realises through fly-away prose and exquisite pen pictures. It is like being taken on an amazing off-beat adventure by a 19th century explorer. This is a must-have book for the dreamer in every child, a book to awaken curiosity and the imagination.

Imagine a country where night lasted an entire winter and where in the darkness danger stalks.

Price conjures a world of magic and danger to tell this modern, mythic fairytale about a boy imprisoned in a tower whose cries for help are heard by the witch-girl, Chingis. If they like this try the equally enthralling Ghost Dance and Ghost Song. A culture clash of epic proportions ensues in this classic novel that sees two privileged English kids abandoned in the Australian outback and forced to fend for themselves.

Truly scrumptious tale of a boy called Charlie Bucket who wins a golden ticket, entitling him to a day out at Willy Wonka's miraculous chocolate factory. The real question about this book is how long you'll be able to hold off before reading it to your kids. Dahl's wonderfully evil sense of humour makes what could simply be a modern version of the cautionary tale into something exceptional.

The writing sizzles, foams, spits and bubbles over. Wild and wonderful.

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Read it to them from six; read it alone from eight. As a great storm rages around their house, Amy and Peter hear a terrible noise like a dying giant. Amy knows that the sound is an ancient oak tree half a mile away being ripped from the ground. Trapped among its roots is a secret that only she can uncover. Beautifully wrought story about the way secrets bring you together and tear you apart, and about the competitive relationship between a brother and sister from a fine writer best known for his brilliant books for teenagers. Highly entertaining book about Eric, a perfectly ordinary boy, who feels his nose becoming cold and wet and his ears becoming floppy as he is transformed into a dog.

Featuring the hilarious illustrations of Jan McCafferty. Listen to an extract from the Fangtastic Sleepover and Broomstick Battle audiobook:. Sue Mongredien read English at Leeds University. After graduating, Sue worked as an editor of children's books before leaving to travel around the world.

She now lives in Brighton with her partner and three children and is a full-time writer. She has had over 60 books published.

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Visit www. Read the following reviews or write one of your own. The book's lyrics exemplifies the concept of object permanence ; as writer Ellen Handler Spitz puts it, it teaches "young children that life can be trusted, that life has stability, reliability, and durability. Author Susan Cooper writes that the book is possibly the only "realistic story" to gain the universal affection of a fairy-tale, although she also noted that it is actually a "deceptively simple ritual" rather than a story.

The special features an animated short of Goodnight Moon , narrated by Susan Sarandon , along with six other animated segments of children's bedtime stories and lullabies with live-action clips of children reflecting on a series of bedtime topics in between, a reprise of Goodnight Moon at the end, and the Everly Brothers ' " All I Have To Do Is Dream " playing over the closing credits. In , the Warner Bros. In a episode of The Simpsons , the family attends the Springfield Festival of Books and sees Christopher Walken reading Goodnight Moon to an audience of terrified children.

In , CollegeHumor posted five science fiction spoofs of well-known children's stories, including a mashup of Goodnight Moon and Frank Herbert 's novel Dune , entitled Goodnight Dune'. Also in , composer Eric Whitacre published a setting for voice accompanied either by harp and strings or by piano; it was recorded by his wife, soprano Hila Plitmann. Whitacre wrote, " I must have read Goodnight Moon to my son a thousand times Somewhere around reading number I began hearing little musical fragments as I read, and over time those fragments began to blossom into a simple, sweet lullaby.

I knew it was a long shot, but I asked my manager, Claire Long, to contact HarperCollins and see if they would allow the text to be set to music. To my surprise and delight they agreed — the first time they had ever allowed Goodnight Moon to be used in such a way. The game's loremaster Lawrence Schick is seen reading the book aloud in a video parody posted by their official YouTube account [24] and the contents of the video were later added as a book in the game.

Also, in a book by Cal Armistead called "Being Henry David", when the main character is sleeping outside near a dumpster, the character does his own version of Goodnight Moon by saying goodnight to things near the dumpster. The original text's bunny is replaced by the university's mascot, Goldy Gopher. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American children's picture book, This article is about the children's book. For other uses of "Goodnight Moon", see Goodnight Moon disambiguation. Dewey Decimal. This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture.


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