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watch Pilates is now widely available and accessible in group classes. Pilates helps build core strength, balance, and coordination. Exercises can be modified for a range of difficulty from beginner to advanced and can be performed on a mat or a reformer machine. Kickboxing, once limited to martial arts studios is now available in many gyms and is being combined with other activities such as mat Pilates and HIIT.

Yoga offers not only physical benefits but also spiritual, mental and emotional. From hot yoga, power yoga, to traditional forms such as Vinyasa and Bikram, there are many types and levels of difficulty. Experiment with what works best for you. Have you ever watched your dog or cat get up from a nap? Did you notice they always stretch before they do anything else? I think our pets are onto something. They might even be smarter than us. They have this innate sense to stretch after sleeping.

We wake up from a night of sleep, think about all the things we have to do and jump out of bed. Jumping might be all the oomph we have as we hobble off to the bathroom to start the day. They might feel stiff and achy even after a good night's rest. Why do we feel stiff in the morning? Our bodies are composed of joints meant for movement.

During the day we move a lot, even if we have a desk job. We shift our bodies in our chairs, get up for breaks, and walk to meetings. The lack of movement makes our joints stiff. As we get older, we lose cartilage in our joints which makes joint stiffness even more severe. The best thing to do to combat joint stiffness is stretch. Stretch in the morning before you even get up. Introducing gentle movement to the body in the morning helps joints warm up sooner and prepares the body for the day. If you feel very stiff, you may want to stretch before going to bed in addition to the morning. A few good morning stretches include single knee to chest, lower trunk rotation and cat-cow.

Wake up feeling not only refreshed but agile too. These are the basic moves of boxing. Beyond body conditioning benefits like toned arms and tight core muscles, boxing is a therapeutic and empowering practice. Somewhere between the sound of a punch making contact and the rhythm of dancing on the balls of your feet, instincts and reflexes kick into gear.

For women, boxing is also a confidence booster. Just the feeling of being able to hold your own in a fight against an attacker can alleviate depression and release pent up stress, leading to healthier hearts and minds. For the last two hundred years, female boxers have been bullied, banned and blacklisted from local boxing clubs and international competitions.

Female fights were outlawed for most of the 19th and 20th centuries due to athletic commissioners who refused to issue licenses to women. Small class sizes and one-on-one coaching at local, family-owned gyms like Westside Fitness in San Mateo are worth a try. This woman owned business has experienced trainers that coach with passionate attention to detail. The gym is outfitted with a real, regulation-size boxing ring and offers circuit training, outdoor boot camps and TRX, along with private sessions for anyone looking to learn the sport of boxing or up their fitness game.

Gloves and wraps are required and are available for purchase. First timers can borrow used gloves if needed. Despite this systemic sexism in the traditional boxing world, group fitness classes like aerobic kickboxing have become highly popular among women in the last two decades. By eliminating the ring, physical contact and protective gear, these workouts focus on cardio instead of combat, which makes them ideal for mainstream gym clientele. But for the woman with a fighter inside her, the one who wants to feel the impact of an uppercut punch and hear the sick thud of her leather glove hitting a pound bag, there are now more inclusive boxing gyms than ever, particularly in California.

No matter where you choose to try boxing workouts for the first time, there are three things you should know before you go: 1. Boxing gloves are required for classes with punching bags or mitt work because the padding protects fists and wrists on impact. Two words: hand sweat.

Boxing wraps, which you wear on your hands inside the gloves, are also required because they protect your fingers and knuckles from getting jammed and swollen. The pros use a long, wide wrap and an intricate technique of weaving in between the fingers while amateurs can rely on gel-padded, ready to wear, fingerless gloves instead. Like all intense forms of fitness, remember to hydrate and breathe!

Your first time might feel all over the place as you learn the punches and master the footwork, so be sure to drink water before class and avoid holding your breath during punch combinations. Keep at it, and you will be jabbing, crossing, hooking and uppercutting like a pro in no time! Some experts consider the glute muscles part of the core.

Strong glutes and good hip stability help to stabilize your core along with the entire leg giving you stability all the way down to your feet. Weak hips can cause your foot to fall inward making your arch collapse and may cause your foot to turn outward. This puts more stress on the arch and the inner ankle leading to problems such as plantar fasciitis and chronic ankle sprains. If your hips are not working adequately, they can cause your femur bone, the large thigh bone, to rotate inward and collapse the knee.

The middle of the knee gets stressed when hip movement is not correct and can lead to arthritis in the medial knee joint as well as ligament and meniscal injuries. Obviously hip strengthening can prevent wear and tear on the hip joint itself. Hip strength creates a stable pelvic ring which is attached to the low back giving the low back a lot of support and stability.

A great way to strengthen the hips is single leg exercises. Start with standing on one leg.

Try for one minute. Have a slight bend in your knee to protect your knee ligament. Look at yourself in the mirror. Make sure your foot and kneecap are pointed straight forward. Common mistakes are the foot pointed out and the knee pointed inward. Do as many reps as needed to feel muscle fatigue in the outside of the hip and repeat sets on each side. Power to the glutes! The most common complaints I hear from gym newbies are the workout machines look intimidating, and the group classes do, too.

These feelings are incredibly common. Here are some tips to get comfortable in class and on the machines: 1: Jump in and take a class! Most group classes are set up to accommodate beginners. So get in there and burn some calories. The trainers and coaches are there to help you. Workout machines are a different story than group classes when first starting out. The last thing you need is to injure yourself on a machine and slow down your workout momentum. If you see someone working on a machine effectively that you would like to learn, compliment them on how awesome they make the machine look.

Ask for some training tips on that machine. Trust me. Compliments go a long way. This is where your negotiation skills can really shine, stand your ground and learn that machine. Who knows, you might enjoy working with that trainer! If the gym manager is busy, they will get you to the right person.

It is totally okay to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable using the equipment. Did you know there are many amazing physical and mental benefits to outdoor workouts. Here are five convincing reasons to lace up your sneakers and get some fresh air: 1. Boost your immune system. Parking on either end of the Tom Lantos Tunnel The paved road offers breathtaking ocean views for bikers, runners, and walkers. Friday mornings at a. Burn more calories due to temperature regulation demand on the body through wind resistance and terrain changes.

Short trail and beach stairs are natural replacements for the StairMaster. As a personal trainer, I spend a lot of time training clients indoors, but I keep my passion for the outdoors by offering weekly workouts at local parks and even personal training sessions outside. Here are a few of my go-to outdoor workout spots in San Francisco and along the coast. Trailhead at Columbus St. Join us! In the mood for a challenge? This route is 7 miles and takes about three hours to jog.

See a different perspective while getting in a wonderful core, balance and cardio workout! By Christina Sundari The attitude you bring to your workout will determine whether you will remain consistent with your fitness goals. To feel good about going to the gym, what you wear is extremely important. Take it from someone who went from working out in college sweatpants and a baggy tee to a sports bra and leggings. When you like what you see in the mirror, it will motivate you to keep working toward your target. Here are some tips on how you can style yourself to boost self-confidence while busting a sweat.

Do some research on fitness apparel brands, and find one that you can relate to. Is there a color that makes you feel like an all-around badass? Wear that color to the gym at all times. I love wearing all black, because it makes me feel like an unstoppable Catwoman. I love to slick my hair into a ponytail and apply lots of waterproof mascara to my eyes and highlight my lips with a matte liquid lipstick.

Yes, some comes off during the sweat, Do your workout three times per week indoors or outdoors with these versatile lower body exercises. Keep your lower back against the wall or tree trunk and push down into your heels. Be sure to keep your knees in alignment with your hips and hold this position three times for 30 seconds each round. If you need more of a challenge, you can hold this position for 45 seconds to one minute. Hold the half squat position while lifting your heels off the ground. Start with three sets of reps then increase by five reps each week. Sink deep into the squat with slow controlled movements while contracting the obliques to perform alternating lateral leg raises.

Start with three sets of 10 on each leg then increase by reps each week. Keep feet hip-width apart and slowly squat down. Using your arms, drive upward from your heels to toes and jump into the air. Be sure to cushion your landing as you return to the starting position.

Do three sets of 10 reps. Sink into a squat, while keeping your knees, toes, and hips in alignment. Be sure to keep your knees behind your toes and your core tight. Squeeze your glutes tight when you return to the standing position. Start with three to four sets of 10 reps and increase the number of reps weekly. Keep your front foot flat on the ground and sink into your lunge.

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Keep your chest up through a slow and controlled movement. Start with three sets of 10 reps on each leg and increase the number of reps weekly. By Caron Shahrestani The power of homemade soup is multifaceted and highly beneficial to all body types. After a workout, the body needs to replace electrolytes, hydrate, and rebuild muscle using a clean protein and collagen. With the right balance of ingredients, chicken vegetable soup is an optimal source of these vital nutrients.

This recipe combines different types and colors of vegetables to concoct a nutritious, vitamin dense broth. Aside from being pretty to look at, this diversity makes the soup a natural flu shot by strengthening the immune system and supporting digestive health. From purple carrots to pink watermelon radishes, the more colorful the ingredients of your soup, the better! The following can be adapted for any size pot.

For a couple or family, a larger pot is perfect for meal planning. Simply store in the fridge, ladle your meal into a smaller pot, reheat on the stove, add salt and serve! Peeled garlic Broccoli or cauliflower Yellow squash Red tomatoes Kale or collard greens bunch Watermelon radishes Asparagus or brussels sprouts Red or purple potatoes or both Red, orange or yellow bell pepper Saffron, turmeric, paprika, oregano, and dill Sea salt and ground pepper to taste.

Preparation for a 4. Fill the pot halfway with water, put it on medium-high heat and drop in the uncut chicken. Add a few tablespoons of grapeseed oil and a few teaspoons of sea salt. Start with the most fibrous vegetables potatoes, carrots, broccoli, radishes, etc. Your last additions should be basil, collards and other delicate produce like asparagus and tomatoes.

Fill the rest of the pot with chicken stock. Add a stick of butter, a few tablespoons of coconut oil and a handful of finely chopped cashews. Add a few teaspoons of each herb and one pinch of dry saffron. Replace chicken stock with vegetable stock, forgo chicken breasts and, for vegans, replace butter with a substitute made of vegetable oils. Add a second stick of butter, a few tablespoons of flour, cow milk and parmesan cheese to taste.

Melt Havarti or mozzarella on your bread. When the soup is about to boil, add the pasta and set heat on low. Let it simmer for at least an hour, stirring occasionally. When serving, break the chicken up with the soup ladle for a stringy texture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Heat until it simmers. Then serve with crackers or toasted bread. Focus on making lifestyle changes to serve you in the long term over short term dieting. Here are five tips to support your desire to eat healthy. You can eat your favorite foods as part of any diet plan which will help you stick to your goal.

Three nutrients help to keep you feeling full longer: protein, fat, and fiber. Good protein sources like chicken breast, tuna, hummus, and almonds are your tummy's friend. Healthy fats such as olive oil, nut butters and avocados should be included in your diet. Of course, fiber like whole grains, fruits and vegetables are important. Small changes will make permanent changes more successful. Aim for small tweaks rather than trying to change everything at once.

Set goals. If you slip up, get back on track at the next meal on your way to long-term success. Rather than grabbing a bagel which is a simple carbohydrate, and will digest quickly, look to fiber and protein-rich foods. They will give you the energy you need during a morning workout. For example, oatmeal with nuts and fruit will give you fiber and protein.

Another option is a morning shake drink with a plant-based protein mix, fiber mix, almond milk, handful of spinach and ice. I recommend you don't skip breakfast especially if your morning includes a workout; your body will work better and thank you for it. I actually include some frozen meals in my family dinner meal planning. My preference is to make dinner from fresh ingredients.

Pay extra attention to the labels and watch out for high levels of sodium, calories and fat. Include additional vegetables to add fiber, vitamins, and minerals to the meal.

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Today, Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM is one of the most popular and preferred forms of holistic medical treatments. TCM uses many treatment protocols such as needles, herbal medicines, fire cups, massage — tui na and shiatsu, tai chi and qi gong. Acupuncture treatment is based on qi, or energy, that runs through our bodies, and is used to treat a variety of diseases and symptoms by addressing the body, mind, and spirit.

The body has a system of meridians or channels where energy qi and blood flow work together to keep the body in its most healthy state of being. An obstruction of any type in the natural flow of energy and blood leads to an imbalance in the system resulting in a variety of ailments.

Acupuncture is used to normalize the functions of the body. Each treatment is individualized to the needs of your body to address the symptoms and their root causes. It provides support for your body to access its innate healing mechanisms making your body stronger from the inside out. Acupuncture influences the autonomic system to regulate pain, lower inflammation and calm the brain. Treatment leads to multiple biological responses occurring locally or distally, medicated by sensory neurons within the central nervous system.

This activates pathways affecting various physiological systems in the periphery of the body as well as the brain. Acupuncture is a natural way to treat the mind and body without medications with potentially harmful side effects. Even though the idea of being needled does not sound like a spa treatment, acupuncture treatments are relatively painfree.

One of the most common In-season fruit and vegetables taste amazing and hold incredible health benefits like anti-aging properties. A mostly plant-based whole food diet contains thousands of phytonutrients including antioxidants which destroy free radicals. Consuming more fruits and vegetables will reduce inflammation in your body, a common disease factor. Local produce is usually picked at or close to peak ripeness, the point when it contains the most nutrients.

Consider growing your own produce at home in a traditional garden, or in a vertical aeroponic gardening system. Get some of the following spring produce onto your plate: Apricots, a small slightly sweet stone fruit, contain fiber, Vitamins A, C and K, and catechins. Vitamin A helps protect our eyesight and catechins prevent inflammation.

Blueberries are low-calorie nutrient-dense delights. They contain fiber, Vitamins C and K, and manganese. They help protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, UTIs and aging. Kiwifruit is a good source of fiber, Vitamin C, E and K, folate and potassium. They aid digestion, boost our immune system and lower blood pressure. Lemons are high in fiber, and Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps absorb iron from plant sources which can lower anemia.

Drinking warm lemon water helps hydrate the body, prevents kidney stones, and improves digestion. Strawberries are packed with fiber, Vitamin C and polyphenols and are a good source of manganese and potassium. Strawberries protect your heart, increase HDL good cholesterol, and lower your blood pressure. Arugula is a member of the same family as broccoli.

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It is high in fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin K and calcium. Arugula helps with hydration, protects the brain from aging and is rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Beets are loaded with fiber, folate, and manganese. They lower blood pressure and enhance athletic performance. Along with protecting your eye health, broccoli rabe is a great non-dairy source of calcium to keep your bones strong.

Fennel is rich in fiber, molybdenum, and copper. The phytonutrients in fennel help maintain cardiovascular and colon health. Kale is amongst the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Kale has powerful heart-protective, blood pressure-lowering, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antidepressant and anti-cancer effects. Radishes are one of the healthiest vegetables as they are low calorie, and contain several beneficial minerals. They support a healthy digestive system and are a natural anti-fungal. Adding these fruits and vegetables to your daily intake will help you spring into great health.

Remember to: Eat at least a cup of nutrient-dense dark leafy greens a day Consume as many colors of fruits and vegetables as you can to maximize health benefits Limit the amount of dressings or oils on your vegetables or salads Throw social events like salad-in-a-jar parties with friends to make healthy eating fun.

Fitness Pro Jordana Vella Develops the Latest in Power and Endurance Training for Long Lasting Results By Rosalidia Dubon Jordana Vella Hug has spanned the scope of the fitness industry - with an early start in gymnastics, she then transitioned to aerobics and dance, which led to working throughout California with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry in instructional fitness videos. Not many can say that they have competed in the Reebok National Aerobics Championships eight years in a row. Jordana also traveled all over the U. She returned to the Bay Area to direct fitness programs in a number of facilities up and down the Peninsula.

After suffering a major knee injury in , she was inspired to research methods of recovery and rehabilitation. Her work led to the development of a new exercise program she named Chic Physique, which offers students a high-energy, low-impact class that is safe, effective and fun.

What were your favorite fitness activities growing up? My favorite fitness activity was gymnastics. I started taking aerobics classes when I was in 8th grade with my mentor Kathy Schmidt. By , I was teaching high impact classes at Prime Time Athletic Club in Burlingame and have been teaching ever since. Tell us about your experience competing in the National Aerobics Championships. Prime Time Athletic Club, where I was teaching, was entering competitors into the regional competitions and started teams to enter into.

I was lucky enough to partner with two other female competitors. We were dancers for the Avia dance team so the transition was easy. We won our first regional competition and went right to nationals where we took 5th place in the team division. My skills had become stronger than my first team at Prime Time. I then had access to trainers, choreographers, nutritionists, and costume designers. I started when it was just getting hot.

There is nothing cooler than channel surfing and seeing yourself on TV doing what you love to do. I filmed several step aerobics videos for Reebok while being on their traveling dance team. I also starred in a self-defense exercise video called Defense Aerobics. In this high impact kickboxing video, I show all the kicks and punches to defend yourself while you get fit. I was supposed to be one of the background girls, but she pulled me to the front to take over and teach high impact. Both my father and brother were jazz drummers.

My house was filled with music. My grandmother was an acrobat as a child then danced in Hollywood during her teen years. Dance has always been a part of my life since my early gymnastic years. I was also a cheerleader from 7th grade through my senior year of high school then I danced for the Avia, Reebok and the Canada College Dance team.

With my passion for music, dance will forever be a part of my daily life. It was amazing to be among peers in that setting. The outfit they gave me to wear was something I would never pick out for myself, so I was disappointed. I did not like the way the outfit fit me. The shorts were an unflattering length with a matching bra top. The outfit was cotton when shiny spandex was hot, so matte black cotton was nothing special.

At that time in my life, I was competing solo and with my second team, so I saw the photo shoot as a distraction from my competition prep. I wish I could go back in time and experience it all over again. I would enjoy every second of it. What do you think made that transition happen? I think that group exercise conditioning classes in studios and gyms have given women the confidence to know what to do with weights and to venture out into weight rooms.

Weights change your body. Years ago everyone throught. As a Reebok dance team member, what were some of the most exciting events you perform at? We traveled with other professional athletes and were a part of athletic team introductions at IHRSA trade shows worldwide. We performed, did a ton of photo shoots, autographs and contributed to the excitement of the conferences. We introduced new group fitness props, workout shoes, and clothing.

We were a highlight at the. Your metabolism works harder and more efficiently when you have more lean muscle tissue, and the only way to achieve more lean muscle tissue is with a proper protein to carbohydrate ratio and resistance training. You created Chic Physique after suffering from a knee injury.

What kinds of movements and exercises make up a Chic Physique workout? I had to learn to move and live with a life-changing injury. I refused to give up and was determined to find exercises that were safe and effective for a lifetime of fitness. Determined, I went to see some of my favorite Pilates and personal trainer friends I knew and began learning how to move my body differently and safely.

I created Chic Physique to share these exercises with others. Most are daily functional movements that everyone needs to do like going to the restroom, putting dishes away in the cabinet, or just carrying your purse from one shoulder to the next. Whatever the movement, Chic Physique prepares you to be strong enough to do it pain-free. Chic Physique teaches you variations of movement so you can achieve the same tasks for a lifetime. All fitness levels are welcome in one class, so I tend to have a variety of skill sets and fitness levels in one class.

This makes the class fun and exciting. Resistance, core, strength and aerobic training to the beat of music in a group class setting, is Chic Physique. Group fitness builds a sense of community, commitment, and accountability. The relationships you make in a group fitness class are usually forever friends. Everyone usually shares the same goals you have and are equally vulnerable in a classroom setting. It is motivating to move to music and laugh together while your instructor is encouraging you to work harder than you ever thought you could.

Working out on your own Any exercise is good exercise whether you are alone or in a group setting. Movement is key to a healthy mind and body. I love to learn about my participants and their life stories. I can connect with them and teach them how to take care of their bodies in the most efficient way. When my participants reach their fitness goals or tell me how it is changing their lives, I am forever grateful I do what I do.

She told him to kiss the first stone he saw on his way to court which he did. Cormac then managed to plead his case and was found not guilty. Another tale says that the stone was used as a deathbed pillow for St Columba on the island of Iona. After this it was then removed to Scotland where it was deemed the Stone of Destiny. To show his gratitude Robert the Bruce broke off a portion of the stone and returned it to Ireland. And somebody that ended up coming in, funny enough- and I haven't thought about this in years, but it was his wife that came in, and it was like for a nutrition program design, and I think she was maybe right around seventy at the time, and he was- I think he was maybe 79 or something like that.

But he ended up being the person I worked with because when he came in, he could barely lift his arm, he had a fall not too long ago and he just wasn't getting better. And bottom line, you know I've even got videos on my Instagram of him doing pushups. Like full pushups when he's like 82 or 83 years old, and he became my mentor, and I was training him, but it was really he was giving so much to me as well. Shawn Stevenson: So I like moved things around, and even when I stopped seeing anybody else, I still worked with him. I still made the time to go over to the university to work with him because he taught me so much.

Shawn Stevenson: And very, very wealthy, and just I learned so much from him about what to do with finances, because my money thermometer was just off still because of our conditioning. Shawn Stevenson: And also learning about relationships. You know, like he really loved his wife so much, and he lost his first wife, and it really like- it was like the love of his life. And just seeing- even this is like 35 years later, and just him talking about her, he'll start to tear up.

And so it gave me the sense of urgency that I invested into my relationship. And he's happily married now, and she's just a superstar too. Shawn Stevenson: But yeah there's a similarity, man, that the generations sharing that wisdom and that knowledge. So I want to go back to your story and what you're creating right now. So you said earlier, not just the Fit Body Boot Camps, but also CrossFit boxes, there's probably trainers in big box gyms.

Who do you feel is your competition now? Bedros Keuilian: Yeah, that's a really good question. I get that question asked a lot. Because my competition is not them. My competition is ill education about food and nutrition, and it's the food conglomerates, and they are winning. They are winning the battle.

We can have 10,, 20,, 30,, 40, more driven, motivated, ambitious fitness professionals like you and I, and we still wouldn't make a dent into the obesity rate that's happening. And so my competition is not other gyms, my competition are these fast food restaurants that have found a way creatively unfortunately to make food that's bad for you cheaper and more convenient. Bedros Keuilian: I met a gentleman, he's a scientist, and he works for the Frito Lay company for Doritos, and he was- he didn't realize who I am and what I do, that I'm in the fitness industry, and he was so excited to explain to me how they have scientifically figured out how to make Doritos melt in your mouth to tantalize different taste buds to get you to reach for one more Dorito out of that bag.

They've got Doritos, a chip company, a tortilla chip company, a bakery one would say - well that sounds benign - have scientists working for them that have figured out how to get that to break down just right so you can eat one more chip, one more bag, and make it a habit.

Bedros Keuilian: Where is that in the fitness and wellness industry? We don't have that. So that's my competition, and not the other gyms, and trainers, and health professionals. Shawn Stevenson: Love it. That's called vanishing calorie density is the term that's used for that. Literally you can't eat just one, you know?

And the marketing slogan is very real. But man, you know I love that, that you've changed your perspective, and that it's more like inclusive, and we have a mission that's a bigger mission, and there is so much room for us to work together. Bedros Keuilian: Oh it's totally us against them. It really is. This is the ultimate 'us against them' battle. Shawn Stevenson: Yeah. You know what's so interesting, too?

Is you know, there's little inklings that things are changing, you know? But it's still like we're years away. Like we need to- and this is why I was very excited to bring you on to really talk about this stuff, and to get people engaged, to get more people involved, to get more people the right education to sustain their livelihood doing a career that they love. And so I want to talk about that, and whether it's in the fitness and wellness- because a lot of people listening to this show are in the fitness and wellness field, or want to be, but then there's also a lot of folks that- you know, they just love learning about health, they love taking care of their family, they want to get healthier, they want to heal from a chronic illness, and they have careers that maybe they're passionate about as well.

So I want to talk about some principles to bring to the table to be successful across the board in your business. So let's talk a little bit about discipline, because I heard you say that word earlier. Bedros Keuilian: Sure.

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Yeah, well to me, I mean you're talking to someone who was formerly probably one of the most undisciplined people on the planet. And again, this is not a strike against my parents, God bless them for bringing me to this wonderful country. But other than having shown up, and them providing a roof over my head, and government assisted food, and of course dumpster assisted food, there was really no structured discipline in my life.

I could go to bed at at night, I could go to bed at at night, and if I went to bed at at night and wanted to watch TV until or in the morning, and then wake up and go to school, great. And I was the kid who just got bad grades, barely made it out of high school.

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Just Because Club: Your Personal Metaphysical Fitness Trainer [Claude Needham] on merutuhafefo.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Both traditional and. merutuhafefo.cf: Just Because Club: Your Personal Metaphysical Fitness Trainer: New Book. Shipped from US within 10 to 14 business days. Established seller.

And so I grew up undisciplined. Well however, I was ambitious in being a personal trainer, and growing my business, and really serving people, right? With the solution that I knew which was health, fitness, wellness mindset. But I was still undisciplined, and so when you grow up undisciplined, you could only grow- it's almost like if you take a- you're going to build a house, or a building, a structure, and you set a foundation, and you think the foundation looks straight but it's just one degree slanted, but you don't realize that.

Shawn, you could build a one or two story house on a foundation that's one degree slanted. If you try and build a skyscraper on a foundation that's one degree slanted, it's going to be very obvious when that whole thing topples over, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the reason is you can't really scale anything on poor discipline. And so five personal training gyms, had personal trainers working for me, sure you could do that when you're poorly disciplined, but you can't have an international growing franchise and have thousands of coaching and mentoring clients and be poorly disciplined, because you end up suffering with crippling anxiety attacks like I did, essential tremors that I would just lock up, freeze up, and then fall.

I was like one of those goats that just gets startled and then fall over. I would lose my ability to talk, and I would start stuttering to my wife, and she goes, 'What is the matter with you? Are you okay? Like is there something wrong? Is your brain misfiring?

And I really felt like something was wrong with me, and that's when I started working with a therapist because the Xanax that my doctor would give me to deal with my stress and anxiety, which was all self-induced because if you go to sleep watching TV shows at in the morning and you're trying to wake up at to dominate your day, and grow your business, and get your workout in, and pack your food and meals, you're really chasing the day. I said, 'Why are we having dinner at ?

Why not or ? Well later, before he ever wrote the book, I always say that I'm the guinea pig that he mentored even though he was my client, I'm the guinea pig that he mentored in that I watched and through environmental exposure, I got disciplined. I started sleeping earlier, I started eating earlier, I started powering down my iPhone and television and stuff earlier in the night, I started to journal what I'm going to do the next morning the night before, so I would do a brain dump, right? And all these other things that are little phases of discipline.

People ask me, 'Well great, so I'm going to start being disciplined tomorrow morning. And as I started doing that, I realized, 'Gosh I could wake up earlier,' and when I wake up earlier I have time to now meditate, go through my gratitude exercises. Like I do things today that in the mornings that I never did before.

I watch the sun come up. I never did that. I used to tell my wife that the caveman probably woke up when the sun would come up, and they woke up, the sun already was out. What are they doing waking up early? Well listen, if you want to be a high performer in life, in a relationship, in your diet, in your fitness, in your business, in anything, at work- if you just want to work up the food chain and have a better position in your workplace, you've got to be disciplined, structured, and do the highest value stuff first.

Take care of yourself. I didn't do that. And so now I do, and to me discipline and structure equal freedom. Ironically I have a bigger business, I have many moving parts in my life, but I have more freedom because of structure and discipline than I ever had before. Shawn Stevenson: Oh yeah. So I want everybody just to ask yourself, do you currently have the discipline that is required to have the life that you want? Whether it's with your health and fitness, or your career, your relationships?

Because- and I've talked about this before, but the root of the word discipline is really disciple, and what I'm calling people to do is to be a disciple of your mission, right? Or to be a disciple of yourself and your greatness, and stop looking at it as like a prison because even when you hear the word 'discipline,' it sounds like you're going to get whooped, you know?

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah you've got to change your reference point and how you're framing it to something that's incredibly valuable. It's becoming a disciple of your mission, and the more discipline that you can develop, the more freedom you create ironically. My mission was to touch as many lives as I can through the personal trainers that I serve, and the businesses that I serve. I really feel like I'm the world's ultimate personal trainer because there's literally thousands of personal trainers who have more clients because of my coaching, and courses, and systems.

Yet I feel like I'm the ultimate personal trainer, but I was undisciplined, right? And so it's like well I wanted to do that, but my lifestyle was incongruent to the mission that I wanted. And so when I finally became more disciplined, became a discipline, became disciplined or a disciple of my mission, there was congruency. My actions were congruent with my wishes, and all of a sudden, ta-da, Fit Body Boot Camp was born, more coaching clients, more access to great people like you where I can hopefully serve your audience. And it really is a byproduct of discipline, and like you said, if folks can reframe what discipline is, it's exactly as you said it, becoming a disciple of your greater self, your big mission in life.

Because I believe we're all put on this planet with a purpose and a gift. I can't help someone find their purpose and gift, people can search for that and discover and develop that, but when you do, discipline is what's going to help you reach your fullest potential. Shawn Stevenson: Absolutely, yeah. There's something else that I've heard you talk about, which is I think it's incredibly important and so under-utilized, so overlooked when it comes to creating a successful business, or a career, whatever it is that you're doing, even in just relationships in general.

Bedros Keuilian: Yeah, yeah. So again, social media is pretty neat, and I'm a weirdo where I look at things probably from what I call the fourth dimension. Like I think most people see the world in three dimensions, I think there are some weirdos like me who look at the fourth dimension. And so social media was coming out, and I was trying to make it make sense to me. Like this Facebook thing, what is it all about? Okay social media. Instagram, what is it all about? I figured out very quickly, well there's Starbucks, that's social media, it's just offline.

You would never go into a Starbucks- because odds are most people who go into a Starbucks, and probably everyone listening to this has gone into a Starbucks on a routinely routine-based basis. You start seeing the same people, the same faces, and you start- you give them the nod as you're getting your coffee, and you say, 'Hi, how are you? Nice to see you. Wow, I like what you're wearing. You would never walk into your local social Starbucks, and all of a sudden get on top of a chair like this and go, 'Alright everybody, pay attention. I've got something to sell you, and it's one hell of a deal.

Get ready to buy from me. We would never do that. And what we really do, we go into a Starbucks, and we routinely see people over and over again, and through that repetitious process, we build relationships. And then they start asking you, 'So Shawn, what do you do? And you go, 'Oh this is what I do, and I have this product for fat loss, and I wrote this book called 'Sleep Smarter,' and it helps you really crack the code on how to sleep better. And because they've seen you repetitively, and they see that you were not a jerk, you didn't climb on top of a chair trying to sell me your book, they go, 'You know what?

I'm going to look up your book and buy it. Well we need to do that online, and that social currency I guess is what we sometimes forget to do online. And the way I look at it is the more value I can give through social media, Instagram- because anyone can hate. It's the easiest way to hate and troll someone is through social media, because I can hide behind a fake avatar, and tell you what an a-hole you are, and tell you how silly you are with your vision, and your idea, and your fat loss product, and your book. Anyone can do that, but if we really look at what social media is, it's a very massive Starbucks- a massive Starbucks where there's millions of people, and you can take your voice and your purpose and add value to society in a way that we've never been able to add before without ABC, NBC, HBO having to give you permission.

Before, we would have to get on TV networks, we'd have to get their permission, and we only had a finite amount of time to do our segment. Today, you have your own network on Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube, on your different podcast channels, and you can deliver the value to the world. And so why don't we use social currency to add value first, come with a giving hand, and as a byproduct people will then go, 'By the way, you're making a lot of sense with your free stuff, I can only imagine what your paid stuff will do for me,' and they just organically end up buying from you.

Shawn Stevenson: Wow, it's so simple. So simple, and it's a different perspective for people because- and you just said it, that's what I tend to see, and I know everybody else sees it as well. People jump on like, 'Here's my thing,' instead of like just continuously filling other people's cup.

And eventually there is kind of- I don't want to get too metaphysical, but there's a karmic kind of thing that happens there. Bedros Keuilian: I'm a believer in that. I'm a believer in that there really is, man. I believe in karmic justice. There was a time that I had a chip on my shoulder, I was a pretty angry young man, and I would do pretty bad stuff. And every time I would do something bad, something worse would happen to me. I remember it happened so many times that one of the times- and this is kind of the dark side of growing up without discipline and structure.

Look, I'm the guy that's been involved in police helicopter chases, right? And I wasn't in the helicopter, I was in the getaway car driving. Bedros Keuilian: I'm the guy that's been in a fight and knocked out on the side of a highway- the 5 freeway right here in Southern California. I'm the guy that's been jumped by fourteen gang members and beat with clubs because anytime I would fight someone, I realized there was always someone bigger and badder than you, even if they come as a group.

And so that was karmic justice that would happen to me. I wasn't some innocent guy going and getting away from the cops, right? I wasn't some innocent guy getting in a fight on the side of the highway. I would stir up problems, and someone bigger and badder than me, or something bigger and badder than me would create a karmic justice in my life. So I believe in that, man. I believe in that, and if we can just give, we will receive. But I think the human greed glands begin to secrete so much and so hard that we think about us first, which I get it, there's a primal thing of survival, right?

But we don't have to go hunt for our food anymore. We don't have to go and start fire by rubbing two sticks together. We've got those conveniences. So if we can put our greed glands in check, and go, 'How can I serve this man first? And if I serve you enough, not only will you ask me what you can do for me, but you might actually give me access to your network. Shawn Stevenson: Man, that's a mic drop moment right there, man. That's incredible, Bedros. And you also, what I've noticed too, is like you attract amazing people, and I think this is a large reason for that.

And coming up here soon, you've got a really amazing event going on; Fitness Business Summit. Let's talk about that. Bedros Keuilian: Yeah, yeah so again going back to what would I have wanted in life when I was a personal trainer starting out? And again, there's medical conferences, there's law enforcement conferences, there's legal conferences for attorneys.

There was really no conference for personal trainers who wanted to get better in the business of helping people. Like personal trainers always have the stigma that we wear the tight spandex, and we just want to go in the gym and work out because that's where we belong anyways, we're gym rats. And that's not how I ever looked at myself.

I look at myself as a professional, just like a legal professional did. And when I looked around in , and by this point I was really successful with my gyms, I had sold them, and I would go to the handful of fitness conferences that were out there. Dude, I filled out an application to- one of them was a big certification company, which there's probably no need for me to name them, and another one was a big fitness event, which they have sponsors and all that stuff, no need to name them.

They're both great companies, they deliver a lot of value. But I said, 'Hey I noticed that we're constantly teaching more education by way of training, posterior chain, nutrition, Bosu ball, different exercise units. You know, I'm a personal trainer, I had several side jobs. I imagine many of your audience has several side jobs. They go, 'Yeah, in fact they do. And that was in , and I said, 'Well again, I need this. That wasn't the case. And so in I said, 'You know what? To heck with this, I'm going to create my own event, and it's going to be called Fitness Business Summit, and not just a Fitness Summit.

Fitness Business Summit.

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Maybe you struggle with the idea of working with a coach, or have no idea what a life coach can help you to accomplish. Life coaches are trained to get you to identify what it is you want and how you might achieve that. No one will give you the life you want, but you! I refused to wait for someone to ask for the art that was already in me. She believes true wellness encompasses the mind, body, and spirit brought to life through a true connection with each other.

I'm going to assume that you're a great trainer, that you've got all those certifications, but like me you're probably still trying to make ends meet, maybe you signed a lease with a gym, to open up a gym, a boot camp or whatever, and you're struggling. And so Fitness Business Summit is going to be a three day event, and it's going to be an event where only people who are making six figures, multiple six figures, and seven figures in the fitness industry are going to take the stage and share what's working for them.

Actionable stuff that I can take and go apply. And so since I was already successful, obviously I was one of my own speakers, I brought in some more of my mentorship clients, and they were speakers. Jillian Michaels was one of the first speaker at the first Fitness Business Summit. And there was only about people there, no stage, I had no idea how to put on a three day event. And today here we are eleven years later, and we have over 1, people, it's a big three day event, massive stage, we do it in San Diego, and it's the event that I would have wanted when I was a personal trainer struggling trying to figure out, 'How do I out-market my competition?

How do I attract the leads and clients? How do I become a better entrepreneur so I can serve? I can get my purpose and reach my fullest potential with it. And that's what Fitness Business has become, and I'm just forever grateful that the fitness industry for- at the last one, trainers from eighteen different countries came. Like they own CrossFit boxes, Anytime Fitnesses, tons of Fit Body Boot Camp owners, private gym owners, and it was so neat to be amongst your peers, and to be able to give back in that way.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, you know this goes back to the people that you attract, and you literally bring in the best people in the world to the stage to deliver strategies and insights on whatever medium that you were looking for if you were wanting to get into the health and fitness field, or especially people who are already in the health and fitness field.

You know, do you want to learn how to maximize things with social media? You've got the top people in the world. Podcasting, if that's something you're interested in, as I'm going to be speaking on the stage. Shawn Stevenson: I'm going to be at the event speaking. With YouTube, and also of course the offline stuff, and being able to manage and run your business whether it's personal training, nutrition health coaching, whatever the case might be.

I mean the fitness industry is so broad in its spectrum right now, right? I mean you really are the ultimate personal trainer, you're the ultimate coach through your voice, through your reach, through your podcast, you're literally helping tens of hundreds of thousands of people. Well that's one way to serve an audience, and you're making money through sponsorships, and speaking events, and courses that you're selling. Wow, that's one way. You don't even have a gym, right?

You don't have a big box gym, you don't have a small gym, a boot camp. But then there's people, I have clients who own six, seven, eight gyms and who love serving in their communities that way. There's nutrition coaches like my dear friend, Jason Phillips, who has an online nutrition coaching program, and he'll do an intake process and help you finally figure out how to create a nutrition program that works for you for performance, or fat loss.

So the spectrum is so big through the voice, the videos, courses, local business, brick and mortars, online coaching, and I've got the good fortune to be wellconnected finally in our industry, and get good people like you, and some of the industry's top performers to come together for three days, and teach, and give back to the industry. And again, I'm the luckiest guy that I could do that for the industry that I'm so passionate about.

Shawn Stevenson: Absolutely. And so everybody, I want you to come and hang out with us if you're interested in this. It's the Fitness Business Summit coming up in- when this is coming out, it'll be just a couple of months from now, so you want to get tickets now before the event gets sold out. Go to www. So that's www. Absolutely epic. Bedros Keuilian: Yeah, so what they're going to look forward to is great presenters like you teaching the meat, you know? And so for example, I'll be teaching about how they can scale leadership, right?

I was never taught leadership, so I really didn't- my first personal training studio, I wasn't an entrepreneur, I owned my own job. I was the guy training clients, mopping up the floors, paying the bills and trying to do the marketing. So leadership and creating a team behind you that can deliver the service, take your vision and deliver that service, how can you scale from? Shawn Stevenson: I've got to tell everybody this.

I'm here at your place in Chino Hills, and you have an outstanding team now.