If You Want To Be Terrific, You Need To Be Specific: 50 Specific Tips on How To Date With Success

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gigicreations.com/wp-includes/tobias/9980.php Thank you so much for this informative blog! Any thought on my bio would be greatly appreciated! They attend a small church in a small town in the country, where they worship and glorify The Lord. God and her family are the most important people in her life. Thanks for the useful post Rachelle! Please share your thoughts! Ayesha Sadaf Kamal is a software engineer turned copywriter. She is a Space Cadet, a dreamer and proud mother of one. Freelancing as a copywriter for a living, she is a hopeless romantic at heart.

She puts her passion, love, joys and sorrows into her words and hopes that her readers feel the same joy that she does when writing romance. Hello, this is for a word biography for a writing competition. Philippa Joy Okeke is passionate about communicating with children. This year she hopes to learn to drive and create a website. She is looking forward to the day her first story is printed.

Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing…I remember how hard it was to write my contributors notes for a literary journal I am being published in. I could have written a new short story in the time I spent mulling over my bio. Joshua Ratcliffe woke up one day in a sunny northern state of Australia and decided to become a chef, he was successful for ten years until he got bored. He calls a spade a spade, which is not always conducive to life or relationship preservation when he stomping about in the jungles of Papua New Guinea for a multinational corporation, wearing cowboy boots and looking for some sort of edge on life.

This melange of life choices and ideas strangely is supported by a wife and young son. Not concerned with staving off the onset of DVT he has been known to put fingers to keyboard during those long slow hours aboard the one hundred plus flights per year, in an attempt to show who ever will listen what it is really like to run head first down a path so rarely travelled. Hello, I have a quick bio that needs some review.

I am just one chapter in a collaborative book and wrote my own bio.

Stolen Child

Any feedback would be great as this will be published this month and I have never written one before. Maximum words. Stephanie lives in Hood River where she enjoys to mountain and road bike, ski, swim, practice yoga, hike, and paddle. She loves to cook, enjoy wine and microbrews, indulging in the tasty gifts of mother nature. By her side is her sweet dog, Hannah Bear, an amazing group of friends, and a supportive family.

She is an advocate for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and community health and believes in physical and food-based healing. Currently, she is chasing the dream of becoming a prominent physical therapist, working towards the incorporation of movement into treatment plans for neurological conditions. In the meantime, she is an active community member holding movement workshops on the Pilates method and raising money to support non-profits.

If you have any questions or comments for Stephanie and her work, you may contact her at healingpilates gmail. I have a question about writing an Author Bio. I want to catch my potential readers and publishers attention, without sounding too boring or dry. Carla Feller was born in Western New York and has had a passion for writing and reading since high school. The novels will be released next summer. Follow her on Facebook. Peek in on her life as an author via Twitter. I wrote an example what I may write for my Author Bio for a book that I am about to publish soon.

The book is a drama by the way. What truly got me into writing are my imagination and my interest in the medical field. Instead of being the doctor that I dreamed about, I wrote it. For more info about me and my work, you may go to my website at: Still working on it. My name is Nadine Lalonde, a single mother of two teenagers. I felt the urge to write after losing a friend on I conveyed my emotion in a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star and it was published. Since then, I have dabbled in writing plays and technical documents. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness that required a drastic decrease in social activity, I decided that I could either spend my free time watching TV, reading a book that someone else wrote, or use my own imagination and write my own book.

My imagination took over…. Kat Buck is a lover of words and the art of storytelling.

Kat laughs her way around the globe looking for inspiration and gets in a whole heap of trouble along the way. This website was… how do I say it? Finally I have found something that helped me. Appreciate it! Here is the first draft of my author bio… feedback would be appreciated! Johnny Helmstetler was born in Roswell, NM yes, where the aliens crashed… allegedly which has inspired the tall tales of his imagination since childhood.

He has a 15 year old son, Isaac, who is both the joy of his life and the thorn in his side. She is the co-founder of Brown Essence, Inc. With six authors and eight books within three years, they are hoping to become a household name in the literary industry. In April, , Brown has now unleashed her purpose as she has obediently released a work that God ordained. Destroying the Mask is a collection of short stories that explores the detriments parents often bring to their children through abuse and neglect.

Brown has now penned her first short story to be included in an anthology brought together by Kendra Norman-Bellamy entitled, Love Said Not So with an expected release date of July With much to say, Brown plans to continue writing, with the hope that through her work readers may find something entertaining, enlightening or purposeful. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women. Was going to post my bio here but after reading a few of these and then re-reading mine, I think I may have to work on it some more. Thank you to all who have posted theirs and for the feed back they received.

Gives great insight for someone who needs to work on their own bio. You can read some sample bios here, or look at some journals to see what other writers have to say about […]. Vernon Nazarene University. Her paintings have been included in several exhibitions across the East Coast. Commissioned by the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Kat hand-painted a life-size fiberglass mule for a public art project called Miles of Mules. Subsequently, the artwork and commentary was published in a coffee table book.

For several years she changed her career for her mother role, to raise a son and a daughter. She never stopped searching for an option that would allow her to do that and feel fulfilled as a professional. Through her search she started an intense process of self development, and the benefits were so many, that she wanted to share this experience with others and do something she would feel passionate about.

Ingrid is an author, an executive coach and a trainer in Latin America, and helps business owners and leaders improve their communication skills to get better results. It starts by realizing that everything happens through communication: human activities like building relationships, setting goals, coordinating actions, to name a few, are developed through language. After completing a gruelling three years of undergraduate study, he went on to further his knowledge and experience, gaining a Masters in Procrastination from the University of Life.

During this time he entertained English students in Northern China with songs and silly stories of his own creation. He now lives in a sleepy suburb of Stourbridge, on the edge of the fabled Black Country, where he practices martial arts, enjoys drinking tea and teaches the guitar. Occasionally he does some writing and is currently working on his second novel. I served 13 years in the US Military. That was September of I spent two years with KBR. As such, I was privy to all of the inner workings of military during Operation Enduring Freedom.

In , I was hired to mentor the Afghan National Police. I was primarily a logistics mentor. I saw first hand the corruption, cronyism and nepotism that is endemic to the Afghan National Security Forces. I mentored and befriended key figures in the Western Region herat of Afghanistan. As such, he was one of the two or three most powerful figures in Herat Region. I left that position in February of Angela Hooks is a literary artist painting pictures as a writer, speaker and workshop leader.

She admits her students of all ages, in and out of the classroom, have taught her to laugh at herself. She takes herself too seriously, sometimes. Then she authored WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? However, years after she began her endeavor as a self-taught writer, and several publications under her belt, Angela earned her MA in Creative Writing from Manhattanville College to formalize her writing.

In the newsroom, her writing and design skills increased readership and subscriptions. This place of gossip, hair, women and faith enhanced her fourth grade dream to live in a log cabin and write stories. She met characters, overheard rumors, witnessed affairs, experienced romance and redemption. All this opened her eyes and ears to the power of character driven stories. Many writers struggle with this. Too modest, too confident, too bland. Give it a punch with something fun about you, something that readers will remember, and something that makes you stand above the pack.

But without them, I may not be saying enough concrete things about myself. As she grew up, the tales also evolved, becoming full-length novels focusing on the dilemmas of young adults, but always set against the background of martial arts adventures. I have always worked with words, in both my education and my career. I have a B. This story was inspired by my fascination with boats and my involvement in the wooden boat culture of Grand Lake, Oklahoma. In fact, a significant portion of the book was written on a boat. Visiter les bons plans du net. Hi, I am a first time author and I was working with someone who has written and published books with other writers.

This is the Bio that he recommended. In the business world Yvette has focused her talents on the health care industry, specifically on the issues impacting minorities, especially women of color. While working as a senior consultant at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young, Yvette partnered with MAC Cosmetics and a local beauty parlor, Chez George to create a very special event to empower local battered women. Samina Younis was born and raised in England. She is a first time writer who has never written a book but started off writing as a way of therapy for herself to overcome her tragic past but felt she had to tell her true story to inspire other women to break free from their family controlled lives.

She has a passion for helping other people who may be in the same situation as she once was and she would like to inspire other women to follow their heart. On a typical day you may find her working out at her local gymnasium. She enjoys reading and going to the cinema. She loves Italian food, cooking and belly laughter. His first published work, Camp Aconyte, is a short story written originally in , revised and published in Here are two slightly varied bios for my memoir Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber. I would love input. Barbara grew up in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania where there were always plenty of dogs underfoot.

Meeting her husband in Washington DC, they continued together on a journey as self-proclaimed dog addicts. In the ensuing thirty-two years, she founded three successful businesses, moved seventeen times and adopted nine orphaned dogs giving her a unique and humorous perspective on life. She and her husband currently live in Southwest Florida with their two dogs and copious amounts of dog fur and slobber.

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Barbara grew up in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her parents, sister and always a dog, or two or three. Meeting her husband in Washington, DC, they continued together on a journey as self-proclaimed dog addicts. In the ensuing years, she founded three successful businesses in the Pacific Northwest, moved thirty-two times and adopted nine orphaned dogs. She and her husband currently live in Southwest Florida with two dogs and copious amounts of dog fur. After his service, Tony moved on to teach college as an adjunct professor of criminal justice, while also working as a local law enforcement supervisor.

He has over 25 years training and teaching experience. His present-day mission is to guide or drag boys into manhood by developing training and testing curriculum to prepare boys to become men. More significantly, Tony lays out a robust solution to resolve the problem. You can contact him directly at: tony gallantrypress. Another keeper and excellent for sharing. Thanks, Rachelle! Wow, this has been so helpful. Lynn began studying nutrition and dieting after the birth of her Daughter and she loves sharing her knowledge of how to stay on a diet with others. She also spends her spare time fighting the urge to nag her daughter into buying a house and making her a Grandma.

How about this? Your website really helped! This is for my first story coloring book. One of her passions in life had been working with kids, and when the two emerged, she came up with idea of The Adventures of Positive Penni. Then a new passion was in her heart; she wanted to share these nuggets of gold, in her writing, music and work. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Positive Penni Foundation helping families create happy homes for themselves and their children. Regina M. Geither was raised on stories of legends, curses, and mystical lands.

When not analyzing the teenage psyche, Regina teaches novel writing to adults at Polaris Career Center. Looking for feedback on a query letter for short fiction publishers. The name is obviously not my own! John Doe is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction and has been involved for many years in a richly creative life.

He has also appeared on stage in community theater his favorite roles being Oz, Screwtape and Elvis and has exhibited his photography at various venues including the Soweto Arts Festival. His 20 years of work in the field of psychology has honed his ability to write simple engaging stories about the human experience. His biggest challenge at the moment is keeping his cats off of his keyboard. Antonee Boykin is a picture book author from Mobile, AL. She credits her twin boys with inspiring the topics for each story, and hopes that her books will entertain as well as encourage healthy dialogue amongst adults and children.

I hope that Alex and Tony become household favorites, and are inspirations to children everywhere. I am helping my husband work on a book proposal. I really want to keep the bio relevant to the book, without sounding too formal. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Rebecca has a published essay in Rothesay; the place to be, a magazine by the Telegraph Journal in having successfully won a contest held throughout high schools of the surrounding area. Having put six long years into her first novel, Killer Set Free, Rebecca incorporates a personal side into her novel by placing pieces of her personalities into each of her characters.

Amy Romine has always wanted to be one of the good guys. Her need to make characters truly deserve their happiness takes us on many a twisted journey. From serial killers to demons, Amy holds nothing back in the name of true enduring love. Amy is also an active eBook Author supporter lending her voice to encouraging new and indie eBook authors in striding toward their visions. Her own goal is to be a self sustaining author by Amy currently resides in Arlington, Texas with her husband, and three children.

My current bio on my Facebook page listed above looks like this: I am a full time husband, father, and nuclear professional. I am currently trying to break into the fiction writing market. I am fully aware that things will change once published, or if I win awards.

Any ideas how I can improve this? Lisa has been a surviving mom for nearly 25 years. By day, Lisa attempts to teach 8th graders to read, write, and think. Love it, Lisa!! I love your tone and can already tell your book would be entertaining. I started breathing on the 20th day of January, … I am an impending theater art student in University of Lagos as I have just sat my post utme. I am a Nigerian. Black, an average height and has an athletic body. A savvy Nigerian populace, an avid reader and voracious consumer of any book, especially Motivational Piece. I love writing, and I love listening to country and classical music, I am more of an extrovert.

Laurie Buchanan is a holistic health practitioner and transformational coach. Working with the whole person, she helps people turn intention into action; taking them from where they are, to where they want to be—body, mind, and spirit. Being respectful of the earth and its natural resources, her goal is to leave the slightest footprint possible on the planet, while at the same time, making an uplifting impression on its inhabitants.

Both a teacher and a student of purposeful living, Laurie respects all spiritual paths and traditions. A few of her favorite pastimes include writing, bicycling, photography and travel. You actually come with outstanding writings.

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Cheers for sharing your blog site. She writes for many online publications, as well as AuthorsDen and Stories. Her latest project is a soul mate anthology she is compiling that will be published next year. Thanks for this great and very userful submit. You will get a Search engine optimization technologies to supply consumers of BHTdownloads. This Seo Discussion board can permit your viewers be very very easy to obtain your release the subject material. It can be considered one of the most beneficial Search engine optimisation Forumcheck bhtdownloads critique. It is just a significant enhancement, it has develop into incredibly highly effective.

It is additionally know-how and abilities with know-how. He lives with his mother Patsy, brother Patrick, nephew seth, and crazy dog penny near Houston, Texas. He welcomes questions about the amusement industry. This is a bio for my query letter. But, my love for the genre began long before that when, in elementary school, I was forced in to reading the Sid Fleischman novel, Ghost in the Noonday Sun. Thank God for required reading. Catrina Barton is a licensed Kung Fu Instructor of the Black Dragon style and draws on that experience to make her fight scenes both realistic and action packed.

She enjoys being surrounded by the stark beauty of mother nature. Growing up no matter where she was physically she spent nearly every free moment lost in a book. She has also written progressive Pirate stories with other fellow pirates. She currently has 2 blogs of her own with over essays and poems published on it ranging from minstrel tales from her real musical life to magical daily happenings to essays on Mythology. She has a following readership of folks on any given day and more if you count Facebook.

And I do have 2 questions for you if you usually do not mind. Is it just me or does it give the impression like some of the responses come across as if they are written by brain dead visitors? Could you list of the complete urls of your public sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

After marrying, raising two girls and then reading to grandchildren she was inspired to write alliterative stories using each letter of the alphabet. Not knowing where to turn for a good illustrator, Sally attempted some drawings herself. After several efforts she surprised herself at being able to draw characters which she could scan on to her computer to color and manipulate through a drawing program. As library clerk at her local public school she has many opportunities to read to students and note which books are well received and which are not. Sally lives with her husband, Ted, and near her grandchildren in Faro, Yukon Territory of Canada, where they serve as missionaries with Send International.

Mitchell Miller was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in that was discovered in Mitchell supports himself writing software in Lexington, Kentucky. In his spare time, he walks around town and writes his second novel. Deals On Obd2 Scanner! When not birthing butterflies, wrangling hens, or sitting with cat on lap, Heidi is busy making art from her nature photographs, and teaching others, through her workshops and books, how to make art from the magic in their own lives. Heidi sells her decorative and useful art and craft creations in person at the Pinole Art Center and at her Open Studios.

After a few exhausting years on the art fair circuit pack, haul, unpack, setup, sell, reverse … , Heidi, an unapologetic homebody, prefers to sell her mixed media art online from the comfort of her office cat on lap, remember? Heidi sells her work directly through her website, Etsy and Artfire, and is crazy in love with putting her images and designs on Keds shoes, neckties and other useful and decorative products in her Zazzle. From bullies to child preditors to the ones that rattle in the night.

The book also covers what may have caused someone to become a monster and what that person might secretly be feeling…and if a monster can change. Jennifer Elaine Sorge worked and taught in early childhood education for over 30 years after graduating in from an Palomar College with honors. Through the years of being known as Miss Jenny, her compassion for children grew as she witnessed how bullying in schools and abuse within families was increasing.

In addition, growing up in a Navy family that moved almost every year, she found herself always being the new kid on the block and subsequently often exposing her first hand to bullying. This information is really very useful for me. Thank you nery much for such important information. You should take part in a contest for among the finest blogs on the web. I found this article, this one and also this one. I need to rewrite my bio. David Hopkins is a regular contributor to D […]. Following my own exploration, thousands of persons all over the world get the loan from various banks.

So, there is a good chance to receive a collateral loan in all countries. Deborah spent her childhood writing stories that made people laugh. A barefoot Bohemian, world traveler and beatnik poet, Deborah hangs her hat in her native soil of northeastern Wisconsin with her family. She enjoys camping, hiking, scrapbooking and hanging out with God. A retired emergency responder, she was born in Manitoba, moved to Maple Ridge, B.

She and her husband moved to Pr. George in with their five sons. In , with their own hands, they built their dream home on Cluculz Lake. In her spare time, Joylene teaches Tai Chi and practices Yoga. I think your bio is good! The only thing I would reduce is your moving history. Where is Manitoba, btw? Building your dream home with your own hands was interesting to me! I think I got a little lost in the middle with all the places you lived. But well done! Listed below are the latest sites that we choose […]……. Growing up in the comfortable suburbs of Houston, Texas, Carrie and her family now live in a Chinese city of 9 million people.

Living there for almost 7 years, she enjoys eating noodles for breakfast and getting her picture taken by every cell phone sold to a Chinese person. While navigating webs of street vendors and tripping through the Chinese language, she has found grace in unlikely places. Like all her advice, this is pure […]. Here are the basics. Queries should include the following three […]. Just got word that Opium Magazine will be publishing a 7-line story I sent them a few months ago. They asked for a word bio… glad I keep up with your blog. This post was a big help. Kristin Weber is a comedian who delights audiences at comedy clubs, conferences, and churches all over the country with her sharp wit and stories about going from a sheltered homeschooler to living in Sodom and Gomorrah AKA Hollywood.

Kristin contributes a monthly column to Susie Magazine, blogs about homeschooling for Heritage Builders, and is a speaker with Apologia Live. Jo Ann Fore is an inspirational author, speaker, and fun friend. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Most noted for her authentic vulnerability, Jo Ann captivates her audience with faith-filled messages caramelized with a powerful promise of hope.

A weird, spastic 12 year old, Luciana is often seen wasting her youth yelling at people via internet or some other strangeness. Every once in a while she writes to escape the daily abuse life foists upon her. One day he hopes to figure out how to switch it on. My bio changes depending on where I am published.

I have funny and serious bios. I use it for articles published as my local stay-home mom Examiner, on Examiner dot com. Kelly Combs is an over-caffeinated and under-compensated stay home mom who can frequently be found singing at the top of her lungs in her minivan; much to the embarrassment of her 2 daughters. New to this site and everything about writing a memoir! Rachelle, I sincerely appreciate the info you share and the opportunity to test the waters and get constructive feedback.

Chronicling our journey from quadriplegic to his first three steps and beyond provided an insider view into spinal cord injuries for concerned family and friends and spelled survival from my ringing phone. Journal entries best read starting with oldest. As recovery progressed Mike used Dragon Speak software to post newest entries. Rachelle, Thanks for an informative post. This comes from the bio I typically put in a query to an agent for my memoir about how losing my brother led me deeper into Judaism.

I tweaked it some — and added two possible paragraphs. I have published several essays related to my memoir, including Sunday magazine pieces in the Globe and the Sentinel. In , I took a buyout from the Globe to pursue finishing the memoir. I like to keep a query to one page.

This would push the limit! National Jewish organizations as well as Tiferet, a spiritual journal, have featured my blog posts, which range from tongue-in-cheek entries about passing along Judaism to my toddler to serious pieces about my journey from grief to faith. This past year, as a sidelight, I taught public speaking at a state university. Linda Ps. And thanks to Randy Susan Meyer for tweeting about this. My first novel, L. Late last year I attended an intensive writing workshop given by best selling author James N. I belong to the Historical Novel Society and attend conferences frequently.

Just a shot at my short bio unpub — 50 words, right? I know, right?!

Andrew Motion Former poet laureate

Jaime resides in the hills of Wisconsin. She believes coffee is not just a drink, but a way of life, reinforced by fellow members of ACFW of which she is a member. It gave me a mental picture of you wandering homeless in the hills like an outlaw. In her former life, as a crime reporter at newspapers in California, she flew over Big Sur in an FA jet with the Blue Angels, raced a Dodge Viper at Laguna Seca, watched autopsies, and conversed with serial killers. She has appeared on Inside Edition and local cable television shows. Belcamino has won numerous awards for her writing from such organizations as the California Newspaper Publishers Association and the East Bay Press Club.

She recently finished writing her first novel, inspired by her life as a Bay Area newspaper reporter. Her perfect day involves spending time with her family while dining alfresco with lots of food, wine, and laughter. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and children. She graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Theatre. It was during her time backpacking in Europe that her dabbling in playwriting became dabbling in fiction, and one weekend in Istanbul, The Keeper was born.

This is far too long and I guess I could stand still a minute and let total strangers have a whack at cutting it down. A cynic saved by grace, Camille sometimes remembers to turn that amazing grace around and use it on others. Camille has attended several large and local writing conferences. She belongs to critique groups and Christian writing communities that cultivate literary excellence. Camille lives in Oregon with her hero and two of their three college-aged kids.

While she loves Harleys, Classic Rock, muscle cars and action flicks, she is also a closet romantic and passable Jane Austen fan. I would add that to your third paragraph and cut the second paragraph. This is just a little bio I whipped up when my crit partner asked me for one to put on our website.

How To Pitch A Reality Show

You learn the basics of web development and get your own space on the internet to display your work. Too easy? Convert your personal website into a dynamic blog. To do this, you need to learn a web development framework like Rails or Django. The Muse and Awwwards have examples of personal websites if you need design inspiration. Also, you have to check out this wicked personal website. Schools and organizations around the world host hackathons, which are project-building competitions lasting several days.

Use Hackalist or Hackevents to discover upcoming ones. Working on open source is an awesome way to add value to meaningful projects. Plus, you learn a lot from seeing code written by more experienced engineers. Jumping into open source for the first time can be intimidating. Github also just released their very own open source guide. Find a cool project and dive in. If your school has a student research program, great!

Apply asap. If their work seems interesting, email them and ask if you can contribute. In the future, you can even ask your team to refer you to cutting-edge companies. Keep in mind research belongs under Experience rather than Projects on your resume. But if you keep putting it off, the semester will be over before you know it. To combat procrastination, force yourself to work on your project a little bit every day.

This is also why hackathons and research projects are so great. Writing a resume might seem pretty straightforward, but there are lots of nuances. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume. You heard that right. Six seconds. Everything on your resume should be tailored towards helping recruiters find these key pieces of info as fast as possible. After finishing your resume, have your peers review it. Ask them to be honest and harsh. My first draft was awful compared to my tenth draft. Standard Resume and CakeResume are two outstanding tools that make it a breeze to generate a handsome resume.

LinkedIn enables recruiters to find you and helps you maintain your professional network. Plus, you need it for the cold-emailing recruiters later. Interview problems can be separated into two buckets, behavioral questions and technical questions. You need to start practicing both at least two months before applying. The purpose of behavioral questions are to find out more about your background and if you actually did what you said on your resume. A poor performance can sink your chances of getting the offer. Capture the attention of the interviewer with a strong introduction. Then, transition into a commentary about your key projects and experiences.

Keep it concise. Your answer should be one to two minutes long. Each of your three stories should show at least one of these themes. A story needs an initial summary, a problem, three to five action steps, and a final outcome. This story can be used to answer any question about leadership or overcoming a challenge.

Now go think of your own! Not all your stories have to be about tech. For example, I always talk about how I helped my volleyball team overcome defeat. With this, you should be able to pass any behavioral interview. Technical questions are the essence of the tech interviewing process. To master these topics, use the following four resources:. First, read the Technical Questions section. Take notes to help you remember the main ideas. They contain a short and sweet explanation of the topic. Attempt each question for at least 30 minutes before looking at the solution.

After reading the solution, you should still implement it and test it on your own. It has a huge list of problems ranked by difficulty. Each problem has its own tests, time complexity requirements, and solutions. Aim to complete 30 to 50 questions and be comfortable with medium level questions before you start applying.

If you do just three a day, you can finish 42 in two weeks. I improved over time, but I still get stuck frequently on medium and hard level problems. The good thing is interviews are different from Leetcode. Plus, deducing the correct logic is more important than writing runnable code. I suggest booking a private room on campus and grinding through back-to-back interviews. Make sure the room has a big whiteboard to draw on. Sometimes there are different labels for the same job, so look through all of them.

For off-season jobs, apply at least 6 months before. Worry about choosing after you get a few offers. This is a good way to train for future interviews of companies you want more. When I recruit, I try to keep the process under 3 months and not do more than 10 onsite interviews. Anything more than that, I run out of steam and my performance suffers. Interviews are mentally draining, so you need time to rest in between.

This list is ordered by success rate and time commitment. For example, referrals have the highest success rate but require the most time. Ask your friends or older students to refer you. You can also ask employees for a phone chat or coffee to learn more about the company and request a referral at the end. For smaller companies without a formal recruiting pipeline, reach out to an Engineering Manager instead. You need a LinkedIn account to find email addresses.

Look up the companies you want to apply to on LinkedIn and filter their employees by recruiters. Next, install Hunter or Slik , which lets you get the email address from a LinkedIn profile. Your emails should be concise. State your interest in a position and include a summary of your background. Remember to attach your resume. To save time, make a template.

You just have to change the name of the recruiter, the name of the company, and your statement of interest. For career fairs, check which companies are attending beforehand. Print out 10 to 20 copies of your resume to pass to recruiters. Be ready to answer questions about your experiences and projects. I recommend going early — miss class if you have to. After your conversation, make sure to get their emails so you can follow up later. Oh yeah, and actually follow up! Company sponsors will set up shop at the venue.

This is your in. Before the hackathon, find the sponsoring company you want to target. When you arrive, introduce yourself to its engineers and recruiters.

If you have a question about course content, need clarification on a difficult concept — ask. And when you do ask a question, make it count. Before you post a question, know what you are asking and why. Be clear and concise in your communication. Step Five: Make connections with fellow students. Connecting with online classmates and building a learning community is easier than you might think given all of the social tools and applications available today.

Reach out to one student, send an email to ask a question, or create a Facebook group for your class, even create a small study group. To all online students: I encourage you to apply and try-out at least one of the five suggestions outlined here. Though there is no perfect strategy that guarantees online success, trying at least one strategy is better than no strategy.

The critical factor in online learning success is your role as the learner — the learning experience is what you make of it. Be an active participant, ask questions and enjoy the opportunities that learning provides. Below are a few suggestions:. But with a sound strategy for learning, a strategy for education that is specific to the online environment, students have the opportunity to be successful online students and life-long learners. Thank you for all the step in helping to manage and to become successful in getting are diploma … Very helpful knowledge. Like Like. I have done the unistart course and found that it helped me organise myself to study well.

I printed off everything that I could so that at a later date I can pull it out and go through and make notes on it. Like Liked by 2 people. I am an online student just starting online studies and am pretty new with this whole online study stuff.

When going through this article, i discover i have a lot to adjust. Step 2 is going to be one and i think step 5 is going to solve my problem with step 4. Like Liked by 1 person. I actually just calendared my time block for studying on my cell and computer. I have to be successful at this course and as such will be utilizing each of these strategies especially about making connections. Again thank you.

This is my first online class. I am fearful of falling behind because of comprehension problems too. I have a hard time understanding sometimes what i read but I have always been told to do your best. I also agree to all suggestions and advices that is given to one who wants to do on-line courses, because it is really important to get help and advice from one who had the experience, so that you are in the right direction.

Yes it is very true. We have to use time management. I thibk it is very important, when get comes to self direction. You have to motivate yourself. I started two months ago. And today is my actual first day starting. Yes I do agreed with you because, when I was about to start with the onine learning, I thought it will be very easy. But when started, I come to discover is not what I was thinking. I faced some challenges and when I come across the Five-Step Strategy for students, I try to use step 2 and 3 mostly because that is what I was facing time and self determination or descipline.

But the must important thing about online learning is, you study at your paced. To me online learning needs a high level of discipline. A student is not sitting in classroom, he has the course material and he has to study it. He will be learning at his own pace with out any immediate supervision. If he wants to be successful he has to be well organized in his time management. I am taking an Online course for the first time. I found this article is very useful. Particularly, step two seems to be more important to me. I need to fix very specific times of a week when i can only concentrate that course, rather than other things.

That is how i can complete all necessary readings, discussions and assignments. Yes, I agree with you, this class has a lot of great information and tools to help you explore these courses. And separate the course through, it will make it easier for other courses.

I really like this article and the points it brings up. I will try and set standard study times to get online and do my homework throughout the week. Hello: Thank you for the great post. I have some difficulties with online course when it comes to decide wich course to take. Everything seems so interesting. It feels i can finally learn about everything else i dont see in school I am a medical student. What does other students say about that?

Does anyone else start more than one course at the time? Hi, Raquel! But I completed only a couple of them. The problem is, nothing depends on my finishing these courses, they would not help me find a job, and so I consider them a kind of entertainment for me. And so not something that has to be done no matter what.

For instance, I love literature and history courses, and they are not exactly the most essential skills in the workplace. I cannot help being interested in what I am, though, but all the same, I treat the courses as entertainment such as tv series or games. Only more educational. But the world would not end if I fail the course or only watch the videos instead of completing all assignments.

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Real life and my family is more important for me than a course. Therefore, actually scheduling the time is pertinent to succeeding in any online course. Thank you. This advice is very helpful and it reminds to always be on my toes and be prepared. My first online class begins Monday and I am very excited. I have to admit that the planning study time is probably the hardest for me.

I have a full time job and a landscaping business to handle. Throw in kids and a wife into the equation and that equals time being spread very thin. I was searching an article from search engine then I fond you by goo. Thanks for the good writeup. It in truth used to be a amusement account it. Glance advanced to far delivered agreeable from you! By the way, how could we communicate? I am falling behind also. I need a lot of help please help me out cause I want to stay on the right track by the help of the Lord.

I understand how you feel. I feel like I am not doing my best work because the weeks go by so quickly and I have to keep up or I will fall behind as well. Finally I get paid tomorrow. I truly appreciate all of the comments that have been made. It makes life easier when you know that you a team committed to your successes.