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Venturi tube
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The Venturi Effect The Venturi Effect is used daily in a multitude of applications; from spray cans, car carburetors, space rockets and even measuring instruments. It is in fact in the Venturi tube , used for the measurement of speed, that the phenomenon discovered in the 19th century finds its maximum expression. Thanks to the formulation, it is enough to know the size of the section through which the fluid passes and the value of pressure before and after it in order to be able to determine its speed.

The Venturi effect is also used in the field of ventilation where the introduction of exhaust cones on the fans allows increasing their performance.

If we take a cone fan as a model, it is easy to observe that the fan is positioned between the inside of the shed and the narrow section of the cone. This condition means a saving in terms of energy absorption or, with the same absorbed energy, with better performance in terms of airflow. Now you're are ready to discover our exhaust fans by clicking here.

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The Venturi effect. The physical principle When a fluid flows inside a duct that shows no leakage, the fluid keeps its mass constant also called mass conservation principle. With all the simplified though it may be, and provided that the conduit is horizontal, we get the following result: This formula expresses in mathematical terms the concept underlying the effect analyzed by Venturi: In order to keep the overall energy of the fluid inside the duct constant, in the points where the velocity decreases, the pressure rises, whereas in the points where the fluid accelerates the pressure will decrease.

The application fields The Venturi Effect is used daily in a multitude of applications; from spray cans, car carburetors, space rockets and even measuring instruments. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.

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Frequent velocity observations on large rivers are impracticable. One is the venturi tube, a short length with a constriction in it of standard shape see Figure 5A , which may be inserted into the pipe proper. If the velocity at point P, where the tube has a cross-sectional area A P , is v P and the velocity in the…. In the aspirator pump, water flows through a venturi nozzle and develops a suction for drawing in air. Steam ejectors are widely used for pumping large volumes of vapours….

Discover the physical principle of the Venturi effect and how it is used for cone fan

The Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section (or choke) of a pipe. The Venturi effect is named. The term “Venturi effect” is not necessarily well known. However, it features in our everyday lives quite often. Several of our machines like the.

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