How To Drive On The Left - An Essential Guide For Visitors Driving In The U.K.

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click Signal : signal clearly and in good time. Manoeuvre : use the PSL routine. Position your vehicle correctly and in good time. Speed: adjust it as necessary. Look for other traffic. Watch out for vehicles parking or parked just before a left-hand junction or parked just around the corner vehicles approaching in the side road pedestrians already crossing the road — they have priority cyclists coming up on your left.

Watch out for oncoming traffic, especially motorbikes and bicycles vehicles overtaking oncoming traffic vehicles waiting to emerge from the minor road pedestrians already crossing the road — they have priority anything that could stop you entering the minor road safely, leaving you on the wrong side of the road. Remember that other road users may use a different road position to you, especially drivers of large vehicles, who may need to move across the road so they can turn their vehicle, eg moving to the left before turning right vulnerable road users such as cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders, who may signal to turn right at a junction or roundabout but stay on the left-hand side of the road for safety.

Pedestrian crossings Although there are several different types of pedestrian crossing, some rules and advice apply to all of them. Keep crossings clear when queuing in traffic. If either side of the crossing is blocked by queuing traffic, look out for pedestrians crossing between these vehicles. Allow pedestrians plenty of time to cross. Zebra crossings have flashing yellow beacons on both sides of the road and black and white stripes on the crossing.

Puffin crossings have traffic lights but they also have a device to detect when pedestrians are on the crossing and delay the green light until the pedestrians have crossed. Train and tram crossings A level crossing is where the road crosses a railway or tramway line. Joining a motorway or dual carriageway Slip roads allow you to join a motorway or dual carriageway.

Use the slip road to accelerate until your speed matches that of the traffic on the motorway. Leaving a motorway or dual carriageway Slip roads also allow you to leave a motorway or dual carriageway.

Only use the hard shoulder in an emergency, eg if your car breaks down. Lane discipline You should normally drive in the left-hand lane: avoid changing lanes unnecessarily.

6 Tips for How To Drive in Italy

Rules for driving on motorways and dual carriageways Check The Highway Code for more details of the rules that apply to motorways and dual carriageways. Signals, road signs and markings Road signs, markings and signals are there to help you drive safely and to keep traffic flowing. Warning signs are red and usually triangular. Road markings give information, orders or warnings. Skip to main content. Accept cookies. Cookie settings. Home Find Brexit guidance for your business. Guidance Driving in the EU after Brexit. Published 12 August From: Department for Transport.

Get legal advice if you need more information. Explore the topic Driving and road transport. Is this page useful? Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? Thank you for your feedback. Even though a child seat rental may cost a considerable amount of money , the fines for not having one may cost more than the cost of a child seat rental.

Also note that a regular plane ticket usually allows you to carry a child seat free of charge contact your airline for more accurate information. In addition, you can always buy your own child seat in the nearest supermarket after the arrival. We are flying in to Malpensa airport in late September. We are spending 4 days in Piedmont region at an agriturismo, 2 nights in Cinque Terre, 4 nights west of Modena at an agriturismo, 3 nights in Florence, 3 nights at an agriturismo in Tuscany, 2 nights in Venice, 1 night in Milan before flying out. Should we return the car after our Tuscany stay, take a train to Venice, and a train to Milan before we fly out?

Should we keep the car and park it in Venice and return it to Milan before we fly out? Is there a good site to compare costs on all this? We think your first instinct is correct: get rid of the car after Tuscany and train to Venice and Milan. The only way to compare the cost between keeping the car longer but returning it in the same city and not is through the car rental company itself, but we can say that you should expect to pay a minimum of 20 euro per day for parking outside of Venice.

I love all the great incites about rentals!! We will be spending the summer in Italy next year and are looking for all the information we can find. Will will be traveling with 3 to 10 people depending on the time. We are renting 3 different Airbnbs in the north, outside Rome, and Sicily but I have a few questions: what are the seat-belt laws, can we have 6 people in a 5 passenger car?

What about Bla Bla car, has anyone used it successfully in Italy? It is a very interesting and informative article. It contains all the relevant information regarding Italy and how to drive safely in Italy. Consider different pickup types. Instead you will be met near the exit from your terminal with a sign with your name or the car rental company name and your car will be waiting in the parking lot. Thanks for sharing with us. I just loved your way of presentation. Thanks for sharing. This is some really good information about driving in Italy. My family has been thinking about going there this summer and we want to drive around Italy.

It is good to know that we need to go the speed limit. This is great information but Southern Italy is a completely different situation. It looks very confusing until someone clues you in. When down south, specifically in Calabria, there are many 2 lane roads. When someone is behind you it is good manners to squeeze your car over as much as you can to the right shoulder so they can slide past you. Alternatively if someone ahead of you looks like they are squeezing over to the right, they are inviting you to pass.

Stop signs are mere suggestions in Calabria and if you stop when no one else is coming, you may get rear ended. Our one traffic light in town does not have a bulb in it and never has from what I can see.

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All in all driving in Italy is great if you realize the there are patterns and flows and if you look to see what they are. That said, Calabrians wil pass on any hill, curve or straightaway so be alert, I can never even listen to the radio while driving in Calabria. It is quite exhilarating.

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A step-by-step guide to driving on the left-hand side of the road. If you are planning to visit the UK soon and want to drive a car, you will need to get the basics on. Discover our guide to driving in the UK, with information about regulations, speed limits, roads and signs Your passport or ID card; Your vehicle's documents; A valid driver's licence . England's capital is a must-visit destination for tourists. . On dual carriageways and motorways use the left-hand lane unless overtaking.

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