French children's stories
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  • A Story of Stories
  • go A story for adults as much as children. Lots of helpful repetition and pork-related vocabulary in this story. Plenty of house vocabulary to enjoy in this story.

    Little Red Riding Hood ignores her mother's advice to "reste sur le chemin," and meets a cunning cross-dressing wolf while chasing butterflies. The classic tale of a goofy-looking duckling who finds his place in the world after he grows into his good looks, of course. French children's stories Some well-known children's stories translated into French and spoken by a native French speaker.

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    Le Vilain Caneton The Ugly Duckling The classic tale of a goofy-looking duckling who finds his place in the world after he grows into his good looks, of course. Free French Lessons Making things negative.

    Something Broke The Window And Than I Saw Blood

    Question words. UNDP helps farmers preserve their incomes and forests. Meet some of the young people all across the globe who are fighting for a stolen future. Communities in northern Ghana thrive with reliable irrigation and new income opportunities.

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    A Syrian refugee spots an opportunity to build a new life in Turkey. After years of disruption and overcrowding, a Libyan music teacher finally gets a dedicated space for instruction.

    A Story of Stories

    Two days after arriving in New York, activist Greta Thunberg leads weekly climate strike. A look at those taking the lead in setting bold goals to curb climate change.

    • The Ashtons: Cole, Abigail and Megan: Entangled / A Rare Sensation / Society-Page Seduction (Mills & Boon Spotlight).
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    • The Rover Boys In The Mountains Or, A Hunt for Fun and Fortune (TREDITION CLASSICS).
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    Tunnel farming changes the lives of vulnerable communities. In Jamaica, students, unemployed young people, and prisoners on the road to rehabilitation are learning how to grow plenty of food in areas where water is scarce.

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