Divine Healing

Two Paradigms for Divine Healing
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Divine Healing

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During those weeks, I learned to meditate for hours at a time, sitting on the holy grounds of some of the most powerful ancient temples and divine heritage spots in India. Even though I was familiar with energy healing, chakras, normal meditation, Reiki, and Western healing systems, this was in a certain way very new.

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I could definitively feel and experience that the energies accumulated and released during our special meditations or yagnams blasted all what I had learned and experienced so far. I was literally burning inside out, with huge shakti energy flowing into and through me, as it started to open the unique divine channels within me.

This particular meditation course focused strongly on the knowledge of the Sri Chakra System, which Swami had already taught before, so two senior students passed it on to all of us. Actually, it required that each person had practiced and charged the Five Elements Process, which I did not know. So, I had to jump into learning the element mantras, starting with First Earth, just knowing it in my mind.

After spending an amazing time in Hampi with Swami, after the four week meditation and knowledge course was over, I went back to Pune, India, where I was participating in dance training. During the time in Pune, I had early morning dance classes, and it was at this time that I started to work with the new healing techniques and channels I had learned from Swami. In one of these classes, one of the other Western ladies participating there twisted her ankle very badly.

Her ankle joint swelled to triple its size within a minute.

Many of us came over to her, to check what happened. Seeing her condition, I immediately implemented my Reiki practices. Carefully, I put both of my hands around her swollen joint, slightly touching the naked skin. However, for the first time ever, I did not apply the Reiki energy system, but directly used the healing channels that Swami had taught and blessed us with in Hampi.

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Without communicating with the lady, I simply closed my eyes, hugely opening my heart and deeply connected to Swami, allowing the divine energy to flow through the healing channels which he had opened inside of me. Without thinking, I found myself silently chanting the first earth element mantra.

Everything About Divine Healing

Of course, I knew the accurate healing technique would have been to give shaktipat to her 3rd eye, when using the 1st earth element mantra, but that is how it was. Within a short time, I felt an extraordinary energy flowing through me and at the same time, totally unexpected, I could feel a huge energy literally being pulled out through the back of my hands.

Even though I clearly felt something had been pulled out, I kept my eyes closed, focusing on the recitation of the mantra and my internal prayer for healing.

However, I was interrupted by the astonished voice of the injured lady, asking, "What did you do? I just felt as if you sucked all my pain out — all the pain got sucked out at once. All my pain is gone!

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Divine healing is the act of God through the person of Jesus and the prayers of the saints where a person is healed physically and/or delivered from emotional. God's will for you to walk in divine health and a right relationship with Him is emphasized throughout His Word. The blood of Jesus was shed to.