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With an infectious spirit and a heart of gold, he makes friends everywhere he goes. Charlie is on a mission to help veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD by staring in an upcoming documentary that hopes to bring awareness to the often-ignored problem. In the U. An estimated 30 percent of each group suffers from PTSD.

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Come out of the alley where Heartbeats is located, and chat to the chap tending the motorcycle outside the shop opposite. I felt like I This was my first ever audio book. May 05, Terri rated it really liked it. Clear your history. This is a neatly-plotted and very well written family story which, like all the best family stories, reminds the reader that everyone has their own version of their family history, and it's almost impossible to understand the thoughts and motivations of even those who are closest to us. Abnormality of the toenail.

Charlie was adopted by the team at Essex Mortgage, which helped foster him for his first year and a half of life. She works with the trainers twice a week to learn how to train Charlie and she trains him herself throughout the week. But on the other hand, he knows he has to be good. Shirley had her reservation about fostering Charlie at first. Charlie and Linus go to the first house, where the first girl voiced by Nicole Eggert is as young as them but is not pretty.

Linus, who is doing the talking due to Charlie's nervousness, then gets the thumbs-down from Charlie, and they move on to the next house, but not before Linus almost ditches Charlie out of annoyance. At the next house, they meet a teenage girl who is rather stunning but has a very raspy voice. As soon as she finds out it is Charlie who likes her, she gets rather upset that it is a kid, and tells both of them to leave. Finally they make their way to a property called the Happy Valley Farm after Charlie himself almost abandons the whole thing because getting there was so far out of town where the third girl lives.

Snoopy and Woodstock are already there, and after Snoopy has some major problems getting across the cattle guard at the intersection of the main driveway, he and Woodstock encounter a rather mean bobcat Similar to the cat that was in Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown who chases them back across those rollers where Snoopy has problems again , where they finally meet up with Charlie and Linus.

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Charlie dismisses Snoopy's attempts to warn him of the bobcat, and he and Linus walk in past the cat petting him as they go Linus learns on the phone of another entrance, and is warned that the bobcat is actually very sweet but does not like strangers much. They finally get to the house, where Linus encounters the correct girl, but completely forgets about Charlie and has fallen for her when he realizes she also carries a security blanket , and realizes she feels the same for him.

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He goes in, leaving Charlie behind. Charlie, after being chased out of the yard by the bobcat, just decides to wait, completely clueless of the situation.

In the meantime, Snoopy and Woodstock manage to get in the house without a hitch after Snoopy scares the bobcat up a tree. Meanwhile, Charlie continues to wait.

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Eventually Snoopy and Woodstock leave and do not pay any attention to Charlie. Finally Linus leaves and the bobcat is shown warming up to him , and is so smitten by the girl whose name is Mary Jo , he is completely oblivious of Charlie's protests. Realizing Linus had stolen her from him, he runs off screaming in disbelief.

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As Charlie is walking home, he appears to be depressed, but appears to also be somewhat happy and floating, apparently hoping it was all just a dream. He gets home, sleeps for the rest of the night, until there is a knock at the door the next morning. Hoping it is Mary Jo, it turns out to be Snoopy asking to be fed, but he ignores him and walks on by depressed again. He meets Linus at the wall, and they discuss the previous day.

Finding Charlie: Service dog on a mission to help veterans

It eventually ends when Linus checks his watch and realizes he needs to leave, because he was invited to a barbecue at Mary Jo's farm. Charlie stays and pulls out a book, reads a couple of old sayings about lost love, then closes the book with a sigh, resigning to the fact that he and Mary Jo were never meant to be. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Finding Charlie is about the ties that bind - the ties that bind until they chafe and more. Inter-family dynamics are explored as well as . Directed by Claudia Hoey. With Mark Huberman, Robert McCormack, Brid Ní Chumhaill. Finding Charlie is a heartwarming short film that follows the life of Matty.

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